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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Everyone Compete?

Everyone will get to compete against friends on the field! There will be a main events field, where teams from across Florida will battle it out for the gator head trophy. Even if you're not with a team, there will be Florida Man Games events available for you to challenge your friends in all day long! 


When do the games start?

The games will officially kick off at 11a, however the field will open to some VIP ticket holders as early as 9a for exclusive autograph and selfie sessions. General admission will begin at 10a. We'll be there for an insane, all day long event on Francis Field. We expect our final show to end around 10p


When is the deadline for team submissions?

The team submission deadline is Nov 15th. We expect to pick final teams by Nov 30


Do I have to be an athlete to compete?

Being athletic is not required at all. 

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